Above: Kristen and her son Gabe

Kenny and Kristen have worked hard  to overcome life's obstacles. They are good, hard working Christian parents, who donate their time and take care of other family members' children when needed. This couple makes the most of what little they have and deserve to be rewarded We are hoping a gift card donated to this family will help make this holiday season special..

This is baby Jace. Melndee Helping Hands was able to help his family with a Visa gift card. Baby Jace is almost 2 months old and weighs just 4lbs 6 oz. He is still in the hospital. His mom had a health issue that led to his early birth. Day after day of traveling to and from the hospital and paying for parking adds up.... Melndee Helping Hands is hoping our little gift can help get them back on their feet. We also will keep this family in our prayers and hope this beautiful baby boy is home for the holidays! Thank you to all of our supporters for making this possible.


Baby Jace made it home for the holidays and doing great!

"Just wanted to thank you again! This is going to help out my family so much!

You guys are angels! :) glad you got to meet him today :)" -Stacie

2014 Recipients