The Osborn family in August lost her husband and 10 year old daughter in a tragic accident caused by another party. After being nominated, our Board voted to give Angela and her kids a night out to try to have some happy time together. We are hoping they enjoy their night on us at Studio Movie Grill! This family remains in our prayers as they continue to learn to live all over again. This family has made the ultimate sacrifice. Not only does Angela volunteer at a local animal rescue, but she made the toughest decision a mother could make when her daughter was declared brain dead. Angela knew Michelle could help others. She donated her organs. Angela's facebook has given updates on the lives her daughter helped save. This family is the definition of deserving!

Mackenzie recently had surgery on her leg. Her surgery requires intense physical therapy which requires her mom, Jade to transport her 30 minutes away twice per day, everyday. Jade has put all her energy and much of her income into Mackenzie's recovery. We were happy to help Jade out by fulfilling Mackenzie's Christmas Wish list. These are two special people who we wish the best of luck to in the future! Stay tough Mack!


This is Mackenzie and her mother Jade

We met Kenny and Kristen last year and we were fortunate to help them again this year. They have worked hard  to overcome life's obstacles. They are good, hard working Christian parents, who donate their time and take care of other family members' children when needed. This couple makes the most of what little they have and deserve to be rewarded We are hoping a gift card donated to this family will help make this holiday season special.

2015 Recipients

We are very grateful for the opportunity to help Jessica. She is a Senior in High School. Her grandparents are providing her with a home due to circumstances beyond any of their control. However, they are unable to provide many extras that go along with Senior year, such as a cap and gown, Sober Grad Night, yearbook, etc... (anyone who has ever had a Sr. in High School knows that it is very expensive!). Jessica is a good student who works in addition to focusing on her education. Melndee is proud to have the opportunity to help Jessica be able to obtain some of those Senior year experiences. We wish you the best of luck in your future Jessica!!

Above: Kristen, Gabe (Son),  Jason (Nephew), and Terri (MHHF Board Member)