Above: Ashile and her children with Vanessa (MHHF Volunteer on left)

2016 Recipients

We met Jakob and his mother Melanie after a local teacher nominated the family which was having housing and other financial issues. MHHF offered a little support for the family so they could try and get through the holidays a little bit easier.

Above: Jakob with his mom, Melanie along with Vanessa (MHHF Volunteer)

Ashile & Dustin and their five children had some unexpected medical issues. One child needing surgery and another one with other medical needs. MHHF wanted to help out a bit so the family could enjoy the holidays and take a little bit of pressure away from the other financial concerns.


In 2016, we were able to help other families in need. Alex, a local child that was diagnosed with cancer and spending several weeks in bed throughout treatment received a new mattress which allowed him to rest easier.

We helped the local community by handing out care packages to the homeless. This year we were able to hand out 40 life bags which included things from blankets, clothing, food items, to other personal products.

Lastly, at times we have children and families that are in need which we assist whenever possible. However, due to the situation, we are not always able to share there stories to the public. This year we were able to help one young mother replace belongings for her and her baby that were destroyed due to unfortunate circumstances.